Monday, February 08, 2010

All the Single Ladies!

I'm not posting this because I think women should refrain from using my rear view mirror to fix their makeup. I'm also not posting because I think women should not talk while dancing with me. Additionally, I'm not posting this because I think woman should not have saggy stockings and should avoid tugging at their girdle while a man is watching. Lastly, I'm not posting this because I feel as though open displays of affection are in bad taste. Rather, I'm posting this link because I think it's a good signal of how far we have come, as a society.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Making fun of the iPad some more...

Two things I really enjoy: 1) video games 2) making fun of Apple products. Let's hope that when combined, they create visual happiness! Let's find out:

Outstanding. Couldn't have asked for a better turn out!

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Couldn't have said it better myself

I'll let the pictures explain my position on the iPad.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Raddest F**king Dude...Possibly Ever!

For those of you who have not heard the news, <a href=""> some awesome guy</a> is attempting to eat nothing but Chipotle burritos for an entire week. Yes, you read that correctly...a Chipotle burrito for every single meal of the day for SEVEN straight days. That's at 21 burritos in a week! The guy says that he is doing it for charity, but I don't buy it. He's just being humble. I'm sure he's just doing because he's awesome and wants everyone else to know the extent of his awesomeness.

As far as I'm concerned, this guy is, basically, a man among boys as I'm not certain there are very many people who could put their bowels through the delicious torture he is about to attempt. Ohh and let us not forget that he is basically doubling his caloric intake for a weeks time period.

How this guy is going to finish is beyond me, as I'm perfectly happy not eating for a week having only consumed one Chipotle burrito.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watch out Ebay

Lately, there has been a relative influx of websites which seem to be the ultimate in deals and act as though they are going to threaten ebay's dominance in the online auction site industry. A good example of such a webesite is:

Go on won't bite you. Now look around. Pretty good deal huh? Seems too good to be true, though, right?

The reason I'm posting this site is that I wanted to express my love for this idea. I promise these deals are real. For example: at the time of writing, someone had just won a brand new Xbox 360 Elite for $88.38...which retail for $300.

The way this site makes it's money is through the bids. Bid, typically, increase by $.01 per bid and have a cost. If bought individually, they are about $1 per bid. While you can buy bids in bulk, at a reduced cost (like 200 for $150)'s easier to just assume $1 per bid. So on BigDeal's end, they were just paid $8,838 in bids plus the $88.38 the final winner paid for the box, brining them to a grand total of $8,900+ for a $300 toy. As far as I'm concerned, this is an absolutely brilliant business move. Sure it's just legalized gambling, but people can certainly get outstanding deals, as the person who won the Xbox saved, probably $200 (assuming they bid about 20 times)

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Thanks to the wonderful gift from the internet Gods, I am able to lazily click a button in my browser and be magically taken to a random website that suites my interests. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, go to, download the plugin, sign up for an account and prepare to have your free time and your time normally dedicated to productivity wash away in a never ending bliss of websites. That being said, this morning my stumble button took me to a picture that I found to be rather interesting:

Good ad...but I feel as though it completely misses it's point as my response would be: hell yes I would.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

100 Cupcakes Game

Robin Dahlberg, who is apparently awesome, decided that greatest and best use of her time was to make and decorate 100 cupcakes. However, these are not just any ordinary cupcake decorations, nay, these cupcakes are all game related (card, video and board). Thankfully, when she made the website, dedicated to these 100 cupcakes, she left the names of all the game hidden so people could try to guess each game. Despite my dismay at her use of a few truly obscure games, I still thoroughly enjoyed having to think back to my childhood to come up with the games' names.

Try it out for yourself:

By the way, I got 88 correct.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Want to make your eyes hurt? Just add Tetris!

A friend of mine, knowing my affection for Tetris, sent me a link for an online game. The game is called First Person Tetris, and it is very very fun...but it also will make your eyes hurt...a lot. With out ruining much, the game looks like regular Tetris (the one from the NES for you gamers out there) however, the 'first person' aspect means that you are basically the different shapes. When you attempt to 'rotate' your piece, to fit that line piece nicely in the corner for a Tetris, the entire game board will rotate around the piece.

After having re-read the last line, I realized that the description I just gave did not do the game justice, you can try it out for yourself.

Ohh...and I'm not a doctor or anything...but I'm pretty certain that prolonged exposure to this game could cause long term damages. So consider this your warning.

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